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Biglemoi (EP)
June 5th, 2015

Produced by Ian Painter and John Maestas
Engineered by Ian Painter
Mastered by Mark Bingham
Album art by Pep Carrió



1. War Drugs / 2. Hurt, At Home / 3. Doppler / 4. Good Manners / 5. Wolves

George Elizondo – Lead vocals, guitar | Violeta Del Rio – Lead vocals, keys, effects | Jordan Prince – Lead vocals, guitar | Matthew Bigelow – Electric bass | Jonathan Arceneaux – Drums



New Orleans based Biglemoi named themselves after a fantastical dance which, if performed properly, creates an atmosphere of flowing energy that invites everybody to join. The term, lifted from the book "Froth on the Daydream (L’Ecume des Jours)" by surrealist-wave author Boris Vian, fits the 5 piece.

 Biglemoi comes off as a healthy mix of all the best rock and roll ingredients. Anchored by traditional instrumentation and creative arrangements, their songs are snapped together by sudden flourishes of technicality and genre shifting. The songwriting is thoughtful and unpredictable.

The band started playing in June 2015 with the release of their first self-titled EP, and reflects in their music the concept of the Biglemoi explained by Vian. It is composed of three New Orleans natives, bassist Matt Bigelow, guitarist Jeremy Marx and drummer Jonathan Arceneaux. Violeta del Rio from Madrid, Spain, plays keys/synth/vocals and singer/guitarist/bandleader George Elizondo hails from Managua, Nicaragua. This geographical diversity adds a welcome variety of both personal and cultural influences to their music.

Biglemoi just recorded their second EP titled "Permanent Vacation" and it will be released in the spring 2019.  


Biglemoi is:

George Elizondo – Lead vocals, guitar
Violeta Del Rio – Lead vocals, keys, effects
Jeremy Marx – Electric guitar
Matthew Bigelow – Electric bass
Jonathan Arceneaux – Drums



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