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The Story Of - Part One


1. Set Me Free / 2. Living Space / 3. Stay / 4. Deep Mystical Telepathy / 5. Sigh / 6.Starting Right / 7. Like Me


Guitars: Claudio Tolousse and John Maestas | Bass: Max Moran and Will Thompson | Drums: Alfred Jordan, Peter Varnado and AJ Hall | Keys: Jason Butler | Trumpet: Steven Lands | Saxophone: Jeronne Amari Ansari | Tablas: Andrew McClean


Guitarist, Composer, Podcaster & Metal Sculptor Claudio Tolousse has made a name for himself in the art of expressing ideas through multiple expressions. A first generation Colombian-American born to painter/sculptor Guilloume, he was raised just outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico and was immersed in art and music from a very young age. His love for a variety of music and the guitar, led him to explore sounds and cultures that veered into a world he describes as Soul Jazz. He has performed with such artists like R&B/Soul legends - The Drifters & Cornell Gunter’s Coasters, with tenor saxophonist Doug Lawrence of the Count Basie Orchestra, and with maestro Puerto Rican pianist, Mariano Morales. 

Over the past 8 years Claudio Tolousse has focused on his original music through the act of collaboration. First with his electric trio, which opened up a space to bring ideas that collectively we’d work through and mold into instrumental soundscapes (some of which eventually ended up on his debut album). Around this same time while he was finishing music studies at the University of New Mexico, he sought out an opportunity to live and study in the magical city of New Orleans. He made long lasting relationships with musicians with whom he would eventually visit, hire and play with over the following years. This eventually led to the recording and releasing of his debut Album, The Story Of - Part One. 

Art Talk Music - my relationship to the world through a microphone. Starting with Art, going into Talk, and living and creating Music. This a site for a Podcast and lifestyle of Musician/Artist ~ Claudio Tolousse. This is a site where he shows off visual art, talk through blogging, vlogging and podcasting, as well as Music being the glue connecting it all.
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Claudio Tolousse

March 14th, 2016 | By: Matthew Finch | KUNM

On today's feature we catch up with jazz guitarist/songwriter Claudio Tolousse, an artist whose development spans New Mexico, New Orleans and Colombia, where his roots lay. The performance includes original songs from an ongoing project that involves releasing a full album one song at a time... READ MORE