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June 1st, 2018

Gregory Agid - JAMZ



1. Warmin' Up / 2. Caravan / 3. Jamz, Pt. 1 / 4. Smokey's Dream / 5. Jamz, Pt. 2 / 6. Chatter Box / 7. Jamz, Pt. 3 / 8. In a Sentimental Mood / 9.  Jamz, Pt. 4 / 10.  Banjo Noir  / 11.  Jamz, Pt. 5 


Gregory Agid - Clarinet |  Josh Starkman - Guitar | Max Moran - Bass | A.J. Hall - Drums

Words Are Not Enough
December 6th, 2016



1. Nevermore / 2. Undying Love / 3. Hate And Love Cannot Exist / 4. Words Are Not Enough / 5. Sweetie / 6. Airmail Special / 7. Prelude To A Kiss / 8. Salty Dogs


Gregory Agid - Clarinet |  Josh Starkman - Guitar | Max Moran - Bass | Darrian Douglas - Drums

Mystery Blues



1. Mystery Blues / 2. Rose Room / 3. Chelsea Bridge / 4. Spy Boy / 5. Summers' Song, Pt. 1 / 6. Summers' Song, Pt. 2 / 7. Swag / 8. Lost Love / 9. Two Hours / 10. Bumps


Gregory Agid - Clarinet |  Josh Starkman - Guitar | Max Moran - Bass | Darrian Douglas - Drums


Clarinetist Gregory Agid was born in San Antonio, Texas, and grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii. He got his first clarinet at the age of seven—and when his family moved to New Orleans five years later, Agid discovered jazz.

After attending Louis Armstrong Jazz Camp, where he learned from legendary musicians Alvin Batiste, Kidd Jordan, and Clyde Kerr, Agid was accepted to the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA). Here, Batiste became his mentor. “Alvin Batiste once told me that the clarinet is also like a jealous mistress, and the moment you don't give her the attention she wants, she becomes spiteful and unruly,” Agid remembers.

Agid’s NOCCA classmates included Grammy-nominated trombonist and trumpet player Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews, Grammy-nominated trumpet player Christian Scott, and pianist Jonathan Batiste. In 2005, NOCCA awarded Agid a grant to study with clarinetist Eddie Daniels at Daniels’ home in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

While earning his bachelor’s degree in clarinet performance from Loyola University New Orleans, Agid dove into performing. In addition to playing alongside Delfeayo Marsalis and the Uptown Jazz Orchestra, the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra, and Kristina Morales, he leads the Gregory Agid Quartet and performs regularly in the New Orleans area, Nationally, and Internationally.

Agid graduated from Loyola in 2010, and released his debut album, Mystery Blues, in 2013. The following year, he completed his master’s degree in music at the University of New Orleans. Agid’s sophomore record, Words Are Not Enough, was released on winter 2016.


Words Are Not Enough After Party Live Show | "Mystery Blues" - Gregory Agid Quartet | Recorded October 28, 2016 @ Esplanade Studio


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Gregory Agid Quartet, Jamz

July 31st, 2018 | By: Christopher Weddle | OffBeat Magazine

The latest release from Gregory Agid is drenched in the warm and playful tone of Agid’s clarinet, and one cannot help but wonder why the instrument is so underrepresented in modern music. But then again, in the hands of Agid it’s hard not to be wooed...READ MORE

Gregory Agid: Idealistic Goals

June, 2018 | By: Robert Ham | DownBeat

After recording spirited takes on jazz standards like "Caravan" and "In A Sentimental Mood", as well as some original compositions, the Gregory Agid Quartet decided to take the title of its new album - Jamz - to heart... READ MORE

The Gregory Agid Quartet celebrates Words Are Not Enough

January 5th, 2017 | By: Jay Mazza | The Vinyl District

Clarinetist Gregory Agid is a familiar face around town due to his work with a variety of bands and musicians including Delfeayo Marsalis and the Uptown Jazz Orchestra, the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra, and Kristina Morales. He will be performing at 3 PM on Saturday at the Louisiana Music Factory... READ MORE

Gregory Agid Quartet, Words Are Not Enough

November 22th, 2016 | By: Geraldine Wyckoff | OffBeat Magazine

It’s gratifying that a next generation of musicians looks to the compositions of some of this city’s masters—and sometimes their teachers and mentors—to record and preserve. Clarinetist Gregory Agid, who’s been active on the jazz scene as a student and professional since his 2000 arrival in New Orleans, opens Words Are Not Enough with a beauty, “Nevermore", from saxophonist/educator/producer Harold Battiste. With its gentle melody and swing, the wonder of this song is that it sounds so much like the composer himself. The group, with Agid, guitarist Joshua Starkman, bassist Max Moran and drummer Darrian Douglas, obviously understood the essential, peaceful soul of the tune and the man... READ MORE

Jazz clarinetist Gregory Agid looks to the past and future on his Mystery Blues CD

April 04, 2013 | By: Keith Spera |

In junior high, Gregory Agid was a reluctant student of the Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong Jazz Summer Camp. His mother, for the first few days at least, had to literally drag him out of bed... READ MORE

“One might define Gregory Agid’s music as joyous, celebratory, blues-inflected, gutbucket, intense, impassioned, or cerebral. Yes, the music is all of that and much more. As is the case with all matters of the heart and soul, words are not enough to fully describe the beauty within.”
— Delfeayo Marsalis
“When Agid’s tune “Summer’s Song” (dedicated to his deceased, young student) and “Swag” were performed, his bag of tricks revealed greater depth than the crowd could have hoped. His funky rhythms, riffs, and colors infected and affected us.”
— Melissa Morales
“It not only shows that the clarinet, which has long been closely associated with traditional New Orleans jazz and swing, can be showcased in a fresh and modern context, but that Gregory Agid is one of the up-and-coming young giants of his instrument.”
— Scott Yanow
“Agid, on clarinet, was especially impressive. He unleashed birdcalls and blues, stretching phrases over bar lines before snapping back into the pocket. When he stood side-by-side with Lee, playing unison passages and free counterpoint, this modern band reminded one that group improvisation has been a signature skill for New Orleans players for more than a century.”
— Chris Waddington