album title:

No Manual (EP)


March, 2017


1. How It Is / 2. Woman (One of These Days) / 3. No Manual / 4. Parade


Henny Gröblehner - Keys, backing vox | Marc Boysen - Drums, backing vox | Johannes Oberauer - Bass | Peter Pazmandi - Clarinet, sax, backing vox
Recorded and engineered by Peter Pazmandi.


album title:

Jordan Prince Band (EP)


July, 2016


1. The Wildest Things / 2. Sophomore Year / 3. Little Rituals / 4. She's the Queen / 5. Lie About Your Love


Nick Solnick - Drums, percussion | Matthew Bigelow - Bass | Violeta del Rio - Keys, synth and vocals

Recorded by Mark Bingham and engineered by Ian Painter.


album title:

The Parade (EP)


December, 2015


1. Up There Listenin' / 2. Legendary Love / 3. What I'm Here For / 4. Only Room for One / 5. Fresh Ground / 6. Parade


Tim Hecking - Additional guitar, banjo, lap steel, and sings backing vox
Recorded and engineered by Tim Hecking.


Recently named Süddeutsche Zeitung's Band of the Week, Jordan Prince is an American Singer-Songwriter from New Orleans, LA climbing up the folk music charts in Germany. Having played for Munich’s Hauskonzerte series (following in the footsteps of artists like Glen Hansard, and BOY), being PULS Radio’s Artist of the Week in June 2016, and having Bayern 2 Zündfunk name the Jordan Prince Band EP as Demo of the Year (2016), Prince continues to spread the sound of his addictive body of work. 

Prince has performed for the national arts organization RAW: Natural Born Artists, and the international video series, Balcony TV, where he won the Global Rumble twice in a row (besting such artists as Edward Sharpe, Deer Tick, and Brendan Benson). He was also featured on UK's Amazing Radio with host Simon Raymonde (Cocteau Twins).

Jordan has self-released 3 LPs (Horse, Home Recordings, and The Deer Jump), 3 EPs (Parade, Jordan Prince Band, and o Manual), along with several singles over the last decade. He has written music for a multitude of short films based out of New Orleans, LA which have gained significant acclaim, one awarding him Best Song for "Fresh Ground" at the UNO Film Festival in 2014. He plans to release his fourth LP this year. 


OH YES!! Meanwhile in Munich... The great Jordan Prince teamed up with Carmina Reyes and Pour Elise for this intimate performance of his beautiful song "James".

Jordan Prince performing "Parade", PULS Live Session.


"Fresh Ground" is one of the singles off of Jordan Prince's 2014 full length acoustic album entitled, "The Deer Jump."

"The Wildest Things" from Jordan Prince Band EP (July 2016) Live (Unplugged) + Band Munich, Germany October 2016.

Clip of "How It Is" from the 2017 EP, No Manual Supporting Niccolo Fabi at Technikum Munich, DE 11.11.2016


März 03 2017 158.jpg


Jordan Prince – Woman (One of These Days)

March 4th, 2017 | By: Cassandra Dailey | Buffablog

“Woman (One of These Days)” is a refreshing glass of acoustic indie-folk from Jordan Prince’s forthcoming EP. Honing in on the atmospheric storytelling akin to Passenger or The Lumineers, Prince’s track is pleading and gentle, while expressing a sense of helplessness. He conveys a mix of exasperation and resolution as he croons “I’ll break my neck, one of these days / If you don’t stand where I can see / One of these days, you’re gonna kill me.”... READ MORE


The songwriter Jordan Prince moved from New Orleans to Munich because of love. That he has arrived here proves his new EP, which he presents in the bar Gabanyi

March 21st, 2017 | By: Martin Pfnür | Süddeutsche Zeitung

If you ask Jordan Prince about the things he particularly misses in his home town of New Orleans, a small stream of images soon unfolds before the inner eye. That's always changing, he says, but currently he misses the boiling hot summers and the depths of the people, the hearty Catfish Po 'Boy sandwiches with remoulade sauce and the tree with the windmills in the city park. In addition, he misses driving down the wide Carrollton Avenue in the car, with the windows being lowered, and deeply immerses himself in the atmosphere of this harbor town in the swampy south of the USA, which also under the nickname "The Big Easy"... READ MORE

New Orleans is known for its jazz, Mardi Gras and stressed casualness. But the new export camp from the USA is called Jordan Prince! (audio)

March 21st, 2017 | By: Elena Rudolph | M94.5

As far as I know you just came back from a trip. You were in the mountains for a while to work on your new album "12 Songs for 12 Friends". How different was the process working on it, compared to booking a studio in the city? Well this was actually the most different experience I ever had with recording anything, because for the first time ever there was a back and forth. There was a funding and I have never experienced anything like that before... READ MORE

Band of the week: Jordan Prince (TRANSLATED FROM GERMAN)

August 24th, 2016 | Rita Argauer | Süddeutsche Zeitung

The songwriter Jordan Prince left the USA for his love and has been making music for a year in Munich. His EP released in July goes beyond normal US guitar folk and sounds like science fiction. The world, which on the one hand becomes more and more crowded (alienated in the other direction, of course), still contains more than political turmoil and economic imbalances. It also creates unusual love stories - and ultimately new music. Just a few years ago, the US-American Gabriel Miller Phillips flushed to Munich - because of love. A serious relationship about the distance Munich-New York is, in the long run, a quite difficult undertaking... READ MORE


June 23rd, 2016 | By: Florian Kreier | PULS

Munich has a new Prince - the songwriter Jordan Prince from New Orleans. His songs are so sad and lost that one can not believe how teddy-bear the elector Munich plays his concerts.

What you need to know ... ... Jordan Prince really means that. Where he comes from, this is a normal name. He's from New Orleans. That's why his accent is also so dope and you can say he plays American folk with all that belongs to it: beautiful guitar pickings, deep to absurd-comic lyrics and polyphonic singing. Say it loud, say it clear: Everybody welcome here. We agree on that... READ MORE

Breezy vocals and spright keys mingle with playful acoustics for a very calming and assured pop sound that reminds me nicely of Belle & Sebastian.
— Obscure Sound, New York
Compelling, relatable lyrics, clean production, solid vocals...certainly an enjoyable listen.
— Mike Savage, Los Angeles
The perfect contradiction, the moody lyrics married with the backdrop of pretty upbeat guitars and melody...I wouldn’t be surprised if I heard this in a montage half-way through a film or providing the score on the end credits. It deserves good recognition...
— Souterrain Live, London
Jordan has moved us with his wonderful acoustic sound, and his silky smooth vocals.
Seeing this big, damn funny man on stage you just can’t believe the emotional depth in his lyrics, and the sounds coming out of this guy. His new EP convinces [the listener] with its authenticity. Nothing here is constructed. This is real, and it’s coming from deep down. We want more of it, Jordan.
— Sascha Seelemann: Bayern 3, Munich
The song came on and the vocal immediately hooked me in. Where it currently sits, it’s super mellow. I like it…[“Parade”] has a nice vibe. Very chill and relaxing…There was a cinematic quality to the song and it felt like we were on a journey.
— Eric McLellan: Warner Bros/Sire Records