May 25th, 2018



1. Eins (Valley) / 2. Zwei (Away) / 3. Drei (Zoom) / 4. Fear (Blood) / 5. Funf (Believe) 


KL¥PH is an Electro/Noise/Dance band led by progressive guitarist Cliff Hines. Best known for his work with his band Hildegard, as well as touring with The Mike Dillon Band, Christian Scott, and Ricki Lee Jones, KL¥PH is an outlet for Hines to explore more experimental textures through the use of gritty analog synths and using Ableton to process his guitars into unrecognizable soundscapes. He also performs the music with a live band that features Khris Royal on vocoder, Nathan Lambertson on bass synth, John Maestas on Guitar, and Alfred Jordan on drums. Recommended if you like: Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead, Coil, Kraftwerk, My Bloody Valentine, Squarepusher.

KL¥PH is:
Cliff Hines – Lead vocals, Guitar
Khris Royal – Vocoder
John Maestas - Guitar
Nathan Lambertson – Bass synth
Alfred Jordan – Drums




‘Phases’ is one of those brilliant songs with that appears from out of a cloud rather than have a specific melody to it, one of those songs that works so well when it can pull such gripping form from nothingness as Cliff Hines’ guitar effects can so craftily do.
— Nextbop
Throughout the set, Cliff Hines’ guitar playing was a wonderful distraction... Hines had a pallet of sounds that he selected with precision, adding nuance and dynamics to the songs, and subtly showcasing his impressive technique.
— Seattle Music Insider
On “Phases,” blending Sarah Elizabeth Charles’ ethereal vocals with [Hines’s] burbling percussion programming yields a ballad influenced by trap music’s sonics.
— Pitchfork
Even artists accustomed to taking the lead, like bandleader, composer, and guitarist Cliff Hines works to add to the music rather than dominate the flow. Professor drummer Sam Shahin and bassist Noah Young are at their strongest while Hines works his fret board magic on “Psycho Switch.
— Live For Live Music
Scott was at his most effective on more contemplative tunes... offering to “play some jazz” after a particularly dense bit of signal-processing by guitarist/“sound sculptor” Cliff Hines.
Except instead of improvising solos, we’re improvising sound design and going into experimental territory. I also have my own solo project called KL¥PH that focuses on my own sound design in Ableton computer world.
— Offbeat Magazine
Hines was in total control of his instrument as he found voice upon voice to match the shifting soundscape of the live repertoire. Notes without attack that seemed to grow in the air as he willed them into being by masterful control of the volume knob... There seemed to be no style of playing that was beyond him.
— Broadway World