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KL¥PH is an Electro/Noise/Dance band led by progressive guitarist Cliff Hines. Best known for his work with his band Hildegard, as well as touring with The Mike Dillon Band, Christian Scott, and Ricki Lee Jones, KL¥PH is an outlet for Hines to explore more experimental textures through the use of gritty analog synths and using Ableton to process his guitars into unrecognizable soundscapes. He also performs the music with a live band that features Khris Royal on vocoder, Nathan Lambertson on bass synth, John Maestas on Guitar, and Alfred Jordan on drums. Recommended if you like: Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead, Coil, Kraftwerk, My Bloody Valentine, Squarepusher.

KL¥PH is:
Cliff Hines – Lead vocals, Guitar
Khris Royal – Vocoder
John Maestas - Guitar
Nathan Lambertson – Bass synth
Alfred Jordan – Drums