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More than cosmic coincidence, celestial convergence; the brainchild of singer/songwriter/guitarists George Elizondo and Josh Starkman, Nebula Rosa’s formation seems too serendipitous to have been chance alone.  While both were born in the multicultural musical hotbed of Miami under very different circumstances, they wouldn’t meet until much later in another city renowned for its wide-ranging musical heritage, New Orleans.  Both too traverse a lot of artistic terrain while straddling two worlds: dual citizen Elizondo between his homes in Latin America (Nicaragua) and the US, and musical polyglot Starkman between his acrobatic multi-faceted session guitar playing and the thoughtful sensibility of his songcraft.  

Initially named on a whim from the seemingly superficial but instantly recognizable resemblance it bears to the well-known Latin phrase “Tabula Rasa” to appeal to the worldwide bilingual community of Spanish/English speakers, their universalism comes in many forms: it’s in the stellar name, the relatable lyrical themes encompassing the human experience, the catchy hooks, and the global effort employed in bringing their debut album to life, from top-call studio musicians in their home of New Orleans, to artwork and mixing in Nicaragua and mastering in England.  

Rounding out the core lineup and bringing in some of the classic Southern rock influence are the powerfully diverse rhythm section of Tennessee native drummer Isaac Eady and California-born bassist Robin Sherman, having come up across the American South.  The result is an interlocking sonic collage of mirrors and catalysts: the folk traditions of Cuban Trova and Colombian Cumbia, classic rock from around the globe, and ballads drawing from both worlds; Brazilian music spanning samba, bossa nova, and MPB; soul and R&B both old and new; the jazz music Josh and Robin studied at college and the punk and Latin American alternative rock music George played as a teen, and the tiniest dusting of influence from the music of the city in which they all met, wrapped up neatly presented as psychedelic rock spanning the vintage, the retro, and the contemporary.  Breadth as vast as depth, Nebula Rosa are an outfit whose ambition and reciprocity in giving as much to the globe as they've drawn from it is only a matter of time.

Nebula Rosa is:

George Elizondo - Vocals and Guitar
Josh Starkman - Guitar and Vocals
Robin Sherman - Bass
Isaac Eady - Drums


Bubble Bath Records Residency at Hi-Ho Lounge in New Orleans, performing 'I Know'.