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 Noah Young/ Start The Reactor


Tales of love, anguish and the indescribable feelings in between, fused with a dynamic blend of genre defying music create the sound that is Nebula Rosa. Front man George Elizondo's songwriting with the musical inventions of guitarist Joshua Starkman produce a unique sonic experience, one that is familiar and entirely new at the same time. The product of this marriage reveals the band's influences which range from Latin American Troba, Cumbia alongside Classic Rock, Blues and Funk. Naturally this New Orleans based band is influenced by the city’s sounds while still remaining unique.

The band is anchored by bassist Robin Sherman and drummer Isaac Eady, both seasoned musicians who know how to play with intensity, groove and taste. Featured additionally with the band are John Maestas on guitar and effects as well as Nicaraguan percussionist and engineer Alejandro Vega. Nebula Rosa’s first self-titled EP will be released Summer of 2017 and a second EP is already in the works.

Nebula Rosa is:

George Elizondo - Vocals and Guitar
Josh Starkman - Guitar and Vocals
Robin Sherman - Bass
Isaac Eady - Drums


Bubble Bath Records Residency at Hi-Ho Lounge in New Orleans, performing 'I Know'.