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Live @ Snug Harbor


January 20, 2015



This is Who We Are


February 15, 2013


1. Mr. Olympia / 2. Peace is Broken, Time is Running Out / 3. Girl in My Heart / 4. From Africa to Alabama / 5. Jasen Weaver - Field Holler / 6. Shadow Cat's Return / 7. Stop / 8. Bass Magic / 9. Six Finger Jazz / 10. Bright or Night / 11. Hello, Good Evening / 12. Steve's Samba / 13. Peace is Broken Again / 14. Thank You Blues


Steve Lands - Trumpet | Andrew McGowan - Piano | Jasen Weaver - Bass | Darrian Douglas - Drums

Recorded live at Snug Harbor Jazz Club, New Orleans, January 2014



1. Persistence / 2. Into the Light / 3. Moonlight in Vermont / 4. Memory / 5. Morning Attempt / 6. Of Two Minds / 7. The Resilient / 8. Third Line / 9. Vestige / 10. Yes L'awd


Steve Lands - Trumpet | James Partridge - Saxophone | Andrew McGowan - Piano | Jasen Weaver - Bass | Darrian Douglas - Drums

Recorded 2012


Five years ago, we started meeting for weekly practice sessions with the simple aim to get better at making music. Over time, we developed into a full-time, highly driven jazz band out of New Orleans. The music we create could be described as contemporary jazz, because individually and collectively, we are trying to       create a sound that reflects who we are at this moment. However, we are each steeped in a rich tradition. We have been lucky enough to play with some of New Orleans’ legendary elders, and on any given day, Session members can be heard playing in some of their groups. Drummer Darrian Douglas plays regularly with the likes of Ellis Marsalis and Germaine Bazzle, while trumpet player Stephen Lands can sometimes be heard at New Orleans’ famed Preservation Hall. In fact, you can often find the entire rhythm section of the Session making up three quarters of Jason Marsalis’ Vibraphone Quartet. In short, while we are a modern jazz group, we not only respect jazz’s historical traditions, but actively learn and play them!

The Session is:

Steve Lands - Trumpet

Andrew McGowan - Piano

Jasen Weaver - Bass

Darrian Douglas - Drums




I only heard that day’s set by the
Session, a young modern-jazz quintet
comprised of local- pedigree sidemen,
on the radio, in WWOZ’s broadcast
from the Jazz Tent while I was stuck in
traffic. They sounded hot and sharp,
so I bought the record, This Is Who
We Are (Hep-Tone Fidelity).
— David Frick, Rolling Stone Magazine
The Session combine superb
musicianship with youthful energy and
verve and a high degree of
compositional sophistication. It’s music
from New Orleans rather than ‘New
Orleans Music’ - The Session have not
only absorbed the music of their home
city they are fully versed in the entire
— Ian Mann of “The Jazz Mann”:
This go-round, the Session rendered
This Is Who We Are, one of the
strongest contemporary jazz debuts
the city has ever seen, bar none.
— Aaron Lafont, Off Beat Magazine