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"Wishing on the Water"  (single)


September 21st, 2018




"Wayside"  (single)


August 17th, 2018




Tranche is a New Orleans-based dreamscape grunge band manifesting the songwriting collaboration of vocalist Laura Fisher and guitarist Jeremy Marx. The music is heavy and dark yet warm and familiar, feeding on silent moments that ride the waves of time and stay golden in both memory and future vision --while also giving voice to collective fear, anger, and unrest. Tranche meshes Marx's penchants for fuzzed out, loud guitar and impassioned dynamic nuance with Fisher's strong melodic sensibility and wide emotive pallet that range from the creepy and ethereal to the raw and soulful, to the completely untamable.

Fisher is a classically trained and contemporary-minded composer, vocalist, pianist, poet, and producer. She studied piano under celebrated Juilliard alumnus and Music Teacher's National Association Master Teacher Meral Guneyman (1995-2003) and is largely a self-taught vocalist and composer. Her genres of influence and interest include rock, pop, electronica, jazz, noise, chamber music, and experimental fusion.

Fisher has competed, collaborated, and performed all over the United States with fellow musicians, dancers, painters, filmmakers, graphic artists, and even neuroscientists; from DIY venues and spaces in Savannah, G.A.; Portland, M.E.; and Denver, C.O.; to the esteemed Birmingham Museum of Art; University of Alabama; and Lincoln Center in New York City. Other current creative projects include New Orleans-based rock band Matron as well as the U.S./Paris-based feminist nonprofit Danse Theatre Surreality (DTS), in which she serves as resident composer. Fisher has most notably shared bills with Tera Melos, Speedy Ortiz, The Zolas, RX Bandits, Moon Hooch, and Consider the Source. She was awarded Electronic Artist of the Year and Vocalist of the Year in 2014 by Elephant Talk Indie Music Magazine. 

Born and raised in New Orleans, Marx grew up immersed in blues and rock -- going on to formally study jazz at New Orleans Center for Creative Arts and music at New England Conservatory (Boston). In addition to writing, arranging, teaching, and recording for a variety of ensembles, Marx has also toured across the eastern United States with multiple original rock bands; he has also performed internationally as a jazz guitarist -- most notably in Paris, Israel, New York City, Boston, and New Orleans (Jazzfest 2015).

Tranche features drummer Jonathan Arceneaux (Toonces, Julie Odell, Debauche) and bassist Devin Kerrigan (Toonces, Bionica, Gravity A). Both are New Orleans natives and have toured extensively across North America.

Tranche's debut album is anticipated for international release in Spring 2018.

Recommended if you like: Chelsea Wolfe, Deftones, James Blake, Radiohead, Soundgarden, Melvins, My Bloody Valentine, Tool, Elliott Smith, Jeff Buckley, Bjork, Pile, Neurosis, Speedy Ortiz.

Tranche is:

Laura Fisher – Vocals
Jeremy Marx - Guitar
Devin Kerrigan – Electric bass
Jonathan Arceneaux - Drums


Song: Mending Fences Artist: Tranche Album: live session at COG Studios (Harrahan, LA)

Song: Wishing on the Water Artist: Tranche Album: live session at COG Studios (Harrahan, LA) 


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